No: # 288/1, M.G.Road, Muthialpet, Pondicherry - 605003.
Opening Hour : Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm



Uniform and grooming:

On Mondays, sports meet and P.E.T, days : White half /full (as prescribed for the class)trousers and white shirt

White canvas shoes.

Identity card.

Hair should be cut short.


On Mondays, sports meet and P.E.T, days :White TOPS  and pinafore skirt or white chuddy(as prescribed for the class)

White canvas shoes..

Identity card.

Hair should be cut short.


Other working days:

Peacock blue half trousers and white shirt.

Black sandals.

Identity card.

Hair should be cut short.



Other working days:

Peacock blue pinafore skirt- white shirt

Black socks and black sandals.

Identity card.

Hair should be cut short.




[Note: uniforms, foot wares and tie, ID card will be supplied by the school.]

Other occasions: White P.E.T. Shoes must be worn on Mondays, sports meet and P.E.T. days only. White trousers / shorts/ divided skirts may be worn on Mondays and during the Athletic meet or as and when required by the school.

The students must strictly adhere to the Uniform code. Any students without proper uniform will be brought under discipline code and suitable action will be taken

The dress code will be followed during the School hours as well as at all school events.

  1. Sweaters and jackets worn in winter must be navy blue in colour without any designs/patterns.
  2. Girls shall have the belt stitched along with the pinafore and shall not use any other type of belt.
  3. The pinafore should be long enough to cover the knees in standing/sitting position, preferably 4-5 inches below the knee in the standing position.
  4. Girls with long hair should plait it. Ribbons or hair bands, if used must be white/blue. Make-up of any kind will not be allowed.
  5. White P.E.T. Shoes shall be used only on days of physical education classes and not on any other day.
  6. Hats, caps, sweat bands and sunglasses will not be worn in the school campus.
  7. Jewellery which becomes a nuisance or attracts undue attention in a study situation will not be worn by either sex.
  8. Students without proper School uniforms will be brought under Discipline Code.

Discipline inside Campus & Discipline inside class

We would like the ‘discipline’ in the School to be based on and controlled by love and not by fear. Discipline should be positive and constructive. It ensures equal justice for all, respect for the right and dignity of all the pupils and the teachers. It should allow successful functioning of various teaching programmes in the school.

Types of indiscipline

Out of uniform:

Any student – out of uniform and without a letter from the parent.

      Boys: elaborate hairdos – Keeping long hair

Boys: Military haircut/step cutting/punk

      Boys & Girls: colouring of hair

Girls: wearing pinafores, Ornaments and make-up which attract undue attention of others

Late coming to school

Coming without proper leave letter after being absent from the school


Leaving the campus without proper permission,  Leaving the class without proper permission, Any interaction accounted for by forged note or signature. Coming late to class after recess/ break/ PET periods/ Art periods etc.

Damaging school property


In the class room with the teacher,  Disturbing the class, Using abusive language in class, Disobeying the teacher in the campus, Disobeying the teacher in the van/ bus, Shouting loudly and behaving rudely in the corridors, water points, near library, near canteens and near administrative office.


Fighting with other students in school premises/ bus.

Forming gangs or inciting the students in the campus.

Substance abuse:

Tobacco lighters/ fire crackers/ laser pointers in a student’s possession in the campus.Drugs or alcohol or other mood changing substances in student’s possession in the campus.Possession or use of chewing gum is strictly prohibited within the school campus.

Possession of prohibited materials:

Materials such as radio, tape recorder, walkman, weapons, skateboards, bleeper’s, mobile telephones, audio and video cassettes, objectionable literature and other objectionable materials.  Girls and boys meeting privately in secluded areas in the campus.


Cheating in the examinations or using another person’s work as his or her own. Changing the marks or grades either on the answer scripts or on the report cards or forging the parent’s signature on the report card. Possession of items known to be stolen or known not to belong to the person in whose possession they are found.

Discipline to be maintained Inside Class & Discipline inside campus

The respective class teacher will explain to the students the specific procedure and regulations during the home and class room periods. Students must understand their meaning and purpose and abide by them. In particular the students are expected to:

  1. Attend the classes on time and be quietly seated at the starting bell.
  1. Respect the rights of others and should not disturb or interrupt the class.
  1. Respect and co-operate with teachers and other students.
  1. Be attentive during the class hours and work quietly during the class and follow instructions of the teachers.
  1. Always obtain teacher’s permission before asking any questions, talking to other students or moving within the class room.
  1. Not to go out of the class in the absence of the teacher or at the end of a period. During class time, only those who have special written permission are allowed to walk in the corridors.
  1. Carry card/ slip given to the student by the teacher while going to the first aid room or any other place.
  1. Not to run, shout or push others while moving in the corridors.
  1. Put the chairs/desk & benches in place before leaving the class room and check the cleanliness of the table and the area around.