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Opening Hour : Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm


Our integrated programme is theme-related and founded on Outcomes Based Education (OBE) principles. In these early learning years we place the most emphasis on the areas of Language and Literacy; Mathematics (Numeracy) and the development of Life Skills as illustrated below:

Language and Literacy:

  • Listening, Speaking , Reading and Writing
  • Thinking and Reasoning
  • Perceptual Development
  • Language Structure and Use

Mathematics (Numeracy):

  • Numbers: Counting Symbols.
  • Patterns: Copying and Creating.
  • Space and Shape: Geometry, Measurement: Time, Length, Mass, Data handling: Graphs

Life Skills:

  • Health Promotion, Social Development
  • Personal Development, Physical Development
  • Cultural Development
  • Knowledge Development

We regard the development of creativity and thinking skills as extremely important and encourage in:


1. Our programme consists of a combination of structured and free choice activities. Daily activities are carefully planned to teach age-appropriate concepts and skills and to happily involve every child. Much emphasis is placed on hands-on learning with concrete (three-dimensional) equipment. A wide variety of quality perceptual and construction equipment is available to our pupils to develop literacy and Numeracy skills. We believe in using bright, colourful art materials to give our pupils a sense of pride in their creations.
2. The programmes in our classes will differ to meet age and developmental differences. The younger groups have a greater variety of informal activities with formal education.
3. We carefully monitor potential learning problems and work closely with a group of therapists to provide assistance to pupils who need support in certain developmental areas.